Here’s To My Mom

Here’s To My Mom

My mom is the one who taught me how to read and tie my shoes. She also taught me how to verbalize my thoughts and face my fears. But perhaps most importantly, she taught me how to love. My mom showed me what it means to truly love someone through thick and thin (even when they go through puberty and tell you that you’re ‘ruining’ their life—sorry, mom!) and that is a gift that no amount of flowers, cards or presents can top.

Every Mother’s Day I’m reminded what an incredible human my mom is. This year is no different except that we’re in the middle of a global health crisis that has only deepened my feelings of respect, love and admiration for my mother. My mom is a primary care doctor and while she’s not working directly with COVID-19 patients (she’s over 65 so her clinic is keeping her off the front lines for her safety) she is working long hours to cover the gap left by doctors who are. My mom never shies away from hard work but she’s no martyr. She simply rolls with the punches of life and does what needs to be done.

Her dedicated work ethic and compassion for fellow humans are just two of the many, many things I’m proud to have learned from her. She’s one hell of a doctor and one hell of a mother and I’m beyond proud to be her daughter.

Love you, mama

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