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Sustainable Shopping for the Eco-Conscious

Sustainable Shopping for the Eco-Conscious

Trying to remain dedicated to sustainability, ethical labor practices, and conscious spending can be difficult during the holidays. I, for one, know not too many of my loved ones would be too thrilled to receive homemade deodorant or reusable cotton swabs as a gift. So it’s often easiest to set our principals to the side for a month or two and recklessly buy gifts regardless of environmental or societal impact.

Luckily, there are lingerie and lounge brands that are seamlessly blending eco-consciousness with well-made, beautiful products.

Underprotection has built their entire brand identity around sustainability – their tagline is Almost As Sustainable As Being Naked. Only sustainable materials are used during production, all packaging used during distribution is biodegradable, and they are inflexible in their stance on basic human rights in the workplace. The Dina Collection makes a perfect holiday gift with it’s flocked velvet and fun chevron pattern. Vegan approved, created without the use of harmful chemicals, and made with recycled polyester, these pieces will be greatly appreciated by any lingerie lover on your list.

German based Opaak is known for their clean lines with contemporary materials and finishes that create a sensual and modern feel. Ranging from regenerative and recycled materials to GOTS-certified biological cotton, Opaak is continually researching innovations within the sustainable material industry. Their Graphic Lace Set is made with 98% recycled lace while the stunning pieces of the Sheer Outline Collection are made from 90% recycled micro jersey.

Since it’s conception ins 2012, Base Range has been dedicated to clean production. The company works closely with innovative vendors to develop high quality textiles from both natural fibers and recycled content. They work exclusively with small family factories with whom they have built a close, trusting, and lasting relationship. Best of all, they are constantly striving to do better – just this season all their distribution was done with recycled and biodegradable packaging. Their bamboo pieces are extremely soft to the touch and often come in really fun fashion colors like the bright cobalt blue that is currently in stock.

These are just a few of the brands working to keep their carbon footprint low. Check out our collection on the webpage that features a more comprehensive list of eco-conscious brands!

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