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Noelle Wolf Product Launch

Noelle Wolf Product Launch

Join us for snacks and bubbly and a chance to meet Noelle Wolf representative Nicole Sidrane as she explains the inspiration and influence behind the collection. The event will be taking place both Saturday, November 9th, 3-7 pm and Sunday, November 10th, 12-5 pm. The Noelle Wolf collection, not yet available to the general public, will be available for purchase for the duration of the event and one lucky raffle winner will even walk away with a full set in their size for free!  Luxury lounge and men’s underwear line Derek Rose will also be joining, making this the perfect one-stop shop for sexy holiday gifts. A free gift will be offered with all Derek Rose purchases exceeding $250.00.

Founded by philanthropist, producer and former fashion PR Noelle Wolf, the eponymous London-based brand is set to rewrite the modern woman’s relationship with lingerie. Wolf’s passion for lingerie started as she began to amass a personal collection of new and vintage lingerie discovered on trips around the world. Her desire to arm women with something entirely intimate that would inspire and encourage them; as the first thing they put on in the morning, compelled her to launch the line.

Created in a new era of female empowerment, Noelle Wolf aims to offer a bold alternative to the static designer lingerie market. The resounding backlash against the broad lack of inclusivity displayed by mainstream lingerie brands has signaled a new beginning; eschewing the once-ubiquitous padded, push-up bra, women are now in search of underwear that is first and foremost designed for them — not conceived under the male gaze.

A new era demands a new approach: intelligently designed for the mind as much as the body, the 60-piece collection celebrates the woman who dresses for herself first. Aiming to re-energize the lingerie sector, the brand’s design signature is contemporary yet timeless, informed by richly diverse influences — from the worlds of art and design to literature and architecture. Further inspired by a host of iconic women of substance, among them writers, thinkers, and artists, the spirit of the brand is considered, confident and at ease.

Merging exquisite quality with true innovation, the finest silks, lace, and embroidery sourced from specialist manufacturers meet pioneering bonding and molding techniques. Designed to impart a powerful sense of confidence by supporting and complementing the natural form, the resulting collection redefines lingerie for today: sensual, understated, and fashion-forward, with a true focus on comfort and fit.

Lingerie, reimagined, redefined and retold.

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