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Halloween Inspiration: Iconic Fashion Moments

Halloween Inspiration: Iconic Fashion Moments

There are certain outfit reveals that are so shocking and special they enter pop culture history and become a common talking point that needs no background or descriptive explanation when discussed.

One of the best known and often relived moments is Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace silk chiffon dress with the plunging neckline that she wore to the Grammys. This dress is so infamous it even has it’s own Wikipedia page! This year, the blessed year of 2019, J Lo blessed the world by closing the Versace runway show in Milan in an updated iteration of the dress. Wearing your own green dress as a costume gets double points for being topical and current but also being an iconic moment in fashion history. The only really solid piece of fabric you need is a sturdy pair of underwear to act as your foundational coverage. Something like Underprotection’s Brita Bikini would be perfect with it’s yellow-green color and it’s tropical floral lace pattern. After that, just wrap yourself in flowing chiffon, grab some fashion tape, and a stellar broach! Instant icon!

Basically any outfit worn by Cher in her entire career is an iconic fashion moment. The music video for If I Could Turn Back Time in which Cher performs for Navy crew members in her daring mesh bodysuit is a classic. This bold look could be recreated with the help of Maison Close’s Belle De Jour collection. These pieces are the perfect combination of sheer and opaque with strappy features. Throw on an oversized leather jacket and a belt with silver accents and you’re out the door!

Lastly, Mariah Carey is infamous for her love of lingerie and her over-the-top glam in every aspect of her life. I’m not sure how many people watched Mariah’s 2017 reality show, Mariah’s World, but I did and it was phenomenal. I’ll never stop thinking about her insistence in being interviewed while lounging on a chaise surrounded by pillows while wearing high-end lingerie, feather heels, and all of her jewels. It’s everything I aspire to be. A luxurious gown and robe would be a great way to pull off this look – something neutral and classic is the way to go. Mariah doesn’t dabble in crazy colors or patterns. Skin’s Rosamond Chemise is the vibe you’re wanting. Beige stockings are a must, as are jewels, feather heels, and a glass of wine. Be stretched out on a comfortable surface as often as possible.

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