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Halloween Inspiration: Hollywood Cult Classics

Halloween Inspiration: Hollywood Cult Classics

Movies provide endless inspiration in the Halloween department. Classic and cult movies are an amazing go-to because the majority of people have seen these films at some point or another so you’ll be instantly recognizable. Not spending the entire evening explaining your costume is a huge plus in my book.

Something like Risky Business or Breakfast at Tiffany’s are easy to pull off with one or two key items. For both, a long button-up shirt like the Brea Caftan is a must. Really you only need a cute sleep mask to complete Audrey’s chic PJs. While Tom Cruise rocks simple white tub socks with his button-up, I’d recommend something a little more fashion like Hansel from Basel’s sheer cheetah crew or the superfine roll top crew so you can slide around the floors in soft comfort.

Perhaps the best known cult classic is Rocky Horror Picture Show. No one will have trouble recognizing your stocking-clad Dr. Frank-N-Furter with signature white pearl choker and dark makeup.

These costumes are fun because you can really make them your own if you have a few of the most recognizable pieces in the costume. A garter and stockings are an absolute must. Heavy eye and lip makeup, a lace up corset, black underwear of your choosing and platform heels are all you need to become an instant Rocky Horror cast member. Sparkles are highly recommended.

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