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Breast Cancer Awareness Highlight – Stella McCartney

Breast Cancer Awareness Highlight – Stella McCartney

Since 2014, Stella McCartney has contributed to Breast Cancer Awareness through informative global campaigns, donating proceeds from featured products (such as this year’s Emma Loving Collection) to leading support centers and charities worldwide. As well as designing a feminine and highly technical post-mastectomy bra called Louise Listening.

In 1998, Stella lost her mother, Linda McCartney to breast cancer, experiencing its tragic realities first hand. In the 20 years that have passed, survival rates have grown exponentially, and she is proud to be campaigning for awareness and supporting the breast cancer community through positive change. Through Stella McCartney Cares Pink, Stella hopes to inspire and inform women and men across the world so that together we can all make an impact in the fight against this devastating disease.

The “Emma Loving” collection, currently available in the shop, will benefit the Stella McCartney Cares Foundation, which in turn supports leading support centers including the Linda McCartney Center in Liverpool, the Hello Beautiful Foundation in London, and Memorial Sloan Kettering in the US. Proceeds from sales directly support these programs in working to provide the most advanced early detection programs and treatments for patients with breast cancer.

Stella’s post-operative bra, Louise Listening, was borne out of the desire to ensure women undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer felt feminine and supported. From the first iteration of the bra, combining the medical functionality of a highly technical garment with the feminine design details seen in the Stella McCartney lingerie collection has been the key focus.

In developing and continuously improving the original 2015 design, Stella was able to deepen her understanding of the diverse needs and functional requirements of a post-operative garment. The latest Louise Listening bra, relaunched in 2018, showcases a host of new features and design details that allow maximum comfort and support with increased ease of use.

Since 2018, Stella McCartney Cares has been offering the Louise Listening post-mastectomy bra for free through the foundation’s website. The bra is shipped around the world without any cost implication for the recipient, as Stella believes every woman has the right feel feminine and supported through this difficult time.

You’re able to directly donate if you would like to contribute to the production and shipping of Louise Listening bras. $30 USD covers production and shipping costs of one bra, but it is encouraged to donate whatever sum you are able. In 2018, 1,000 women received a free Louise Listening bra, either directly from the foundation or from a partner hospital. In 2019, the number of bras available to women around the world will increase to 10,000.

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