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Lille x Thinx

Lille x Thinx

We are so excited to announce that Lille is now carrying Thinx period underwear.

With the state of current affairs, global warming and climate change is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many people are focusing on decreasing their carbon footprint and lowering their plastic output as much as possible. One of the biggest waste culprits is the bathroom – q-tips, toiletries, shampoo containers, and period products. It is estimated that in a lifetime, every person with a period will send 250-300 pounds of period related waste to the trash.

With Thinx, depending on the heaviness of your flow, you can totally and completely eradicate your use of pads and tampons. These washable and reusable undies can act as a replacement for traditional period products or, if your flow is heavier, can be worn with existing products for extra protection.

Worried that these undies require a ton of specialized soaps and effort? Fear not! Care is simple – you just need to rinse your undies after use and then chuck them in the wash with the rest of your laundry. Line dry is recommended (and makes you an extra sustainable superstar)!

Not only are the products themselves eco friendly, but Thinx has made sustainable manufacturing practices one of their core values. In fact, their award-winning facility based in Sri Lanka operates under three pillars: female leadership, employee well-being, and environmental sustainability. Their Women Go Beyond program provides supplemental education in entrepreneurial development, english, and information technology. Their employees have access to free and subsidized meals, transportation, well-balanced work days, and fitness sessions. And they’re working toward a zero waste production by 2025.

As a company, Thinx has been working hard since 2014 to break down the taboos associated with female menstruation. They are fighting for better access to puberty eduction with the EveryBody education program, amplifying grassroots activism with the United for Access Campaign by calling for gender equality and inclusivity, and they’re working with trusted organizations in an attempt to make basic hygiene products available to everyone.

Thinx is an extraordinary company seeking to make real change through concrete actions and plans. We’re so proud to partner with them and to be able to provide these amazing products at Lille. These products will only be available in the shop, so please stop by if you’d like to learn more or try them out!

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