Holiday Gift Guide: The Case for Gift Cards

Holiday Gift Guide: The Case for Gift Cards

Rather than a gift in hand, why not treat your loved one to the gift of a good time (shopping)?

Gift giving (especially around the holidays) can bring about a lot of uncertainty. Lingerie in particular is so intimate and getting something that both fits perfectly and makes the wearer feel sexy and empowered can be a tricky—even for the partners who know each other best.

This is where gift cards can be the perfect alternative for those stumped for the perfect, sexy gift. Now the next hurdle, price! When you buy a gift, usually the price tag is removed and a gift receipt (without the prices) is given so the gift receiver doesn’t know how much the gift giver spent on them. This is a bit of an old-fashioned tradition that doesn’t necessarily add to the magic of receiving a gift. In today’s world, partners who cohabitate usually have an idea of each other’s financial situation and some even opt to set a spending limit for holiday/birthday gifts. Luckily, there’s usually a sweet spot that feels generous without breaking the bank.

Here are a few things to consider when getting a gift card:

  • Does the person receiving the gift card prefer lingerie as sets? If so, the average cost of a set from Lille is about $150 depending on the brand and style. However they can be as low as $80 like the Heidi Klum Olivia Dawn set or up to $199 like the Epure Revelation Beaute set.

heidi-klum-intimates-olivia-dawn-soft-cup-bra  epure-de-lise-charmel-revelation-beaute-rouge-sanguine

  • Would your loved one feel sexier in a slip or chemise rather than a set of lingerie? We have a few options available and again, they will vary in price but the average sits around $150-$200.

eberjey-vika-matinee-chemise ELSE-Lingerie_Bella_Twilight_EC376C_Modern-Silk-Slip_Model_620x

  • Rather than a sexy thing, what about a comfy thing? We have some downright amazing loungewear options like Eberjey Gisele PJ sets (Oprah’s fave) or Kickee PJ sets. They make great alternatives if comfort is a priority this year. Our PJ sets run between $80 and $118 but check out our website for other loungewear ideas.

pj1018-ornl-f kickee-solid-collared-pajama-set

Gift cards are the unsung heroes in the gift world. Whether people turn their nose up at them or not, those who receive them almost always get themselves the perfect gift so if you’re stumped, spoiled for choice, or just plain bad at remembering what your loved one loves; consider a gift card this holiday season.

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