Lille’s 2017 Guide to Halloween

Lille’s 2017 Guide to Halloween

For all body types, gender identities, and skin tones! Stop by Lille or shop our website to create a memorable costume this Halloween! 

1. Chicago

   He had it coming! Bad ass group costume, someone please make this happen.

image122. Glow

Because Marc Maron told you to… but actually because you know you want to (smash the patriarchy)! 


3. Eyes Wide Shut

   Or hey, if you’re not feeling that freaky, hit up a classic masquerade  look.



4. Morticia Addams

   Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages.

image2 image11 image14


5. Barbarella

   Embrace your inner Jane Fonda Space Goddess.

image31 image24

6. Nosferatu

   Death is not the worst. There are things more horrible than death.

image9 image20 image3

7. A Mermaid (or many)

   Nothing to get the party started like a gang of mermaids.





8. Princess Bubblegum

   And hey, if you’re also looking for a sexy Lumpy Space Princess costume, we’ve GOT YOU.

image7 image18

9. Laura Croft

   Raid the heck out of some tombs this Halloween.

image13 image19


10. Catwoman

     Don’t have hours to spend on crafting  something elaborate? There’s no shame in a sexy classic.


image22 image5 image15 image23


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