Introducing The Great Eros

Introducing The Great Eros

When you are in business for a decade, it is just thrilling to come across a fresh perspective. On my last trip to NYC for market, I was so delighted to meet Christina Viviani, formerly of Curriculum Vitae , and her partner, Emilio Ramirez. They have just the kind of youthful energy, artistic temperament and pragmatic sensibility that the lingerie industry is so often lacking. Meeting talented people like them and sharing a passion for fine lingerie is what keeps me in this line of work.

Christina designs The Great Eros collection “for daily enjoyment and intimate sharing”. From the first layer that touches your skin to the outermost details, the focus is clear – She creates for the modern individual; effortless, artistic, nuanced, decisive.  The collection is made in Italy by a family-owned factory that uses both old world and innovative techniques for superb quality. The end result is an array of garments and objects that are both effortless in feeling and timeless in appeal.

It was apparent in the first five minutes of our meeting that we were going to hit it off, as we bonded over our mutual appreciation for fine Italian textiles, silk loungewear (with the shiny charmeuse side against your skin) and big fishnets. By the end of the appointment, we are dishing and gabbing like old friends, lamenting now defunct lingerie brands loved and lost, and dreaming about our first collaboration: a Planned Parenthood fundraiser and fashion show for her next collection, presented by Lille Boutique in the not so distant future! Stay tuned for details, and stop by soon to shop the first shipment of this beautiful new collection, now in stock.

 canova_seamless_bralette canova_seamless_bralette_rose_dust canova_underwire_bra ereni_camp_shirt ereni_pieced_short_slip ereni_tie_back_jumpsuit fishnet_tights fishnets fresco_bralette_black fresco_cut_out_bralette fresco_high_waist_undies_plaster opaque_heel_sock_blk opaque_toe_sock pointelle_sock_camel

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