BE: Cozy Time Hibernation Package

BE: Cozy Time Hibernation Package

If all you want to do is cuddle up under a blanket and wait for the next four years to end, bid on this package to make the hibernation a little more bearable:

-A luxurious Skin Classic French Terry Robe ($170 value). Skin is widely recognized for the use of soft natural fabrics, organic cotton materials and sophisticated, versatile silhouettes.

-Eyemask by Underprotection, ($36 value), a Copenhagen brand whose goal is to show that fair fashion made in sustainable fabrics does not have to be boring or less fashionable.

-Hand Made Scarf from local artist, Ellen Julia Brown, ($118 value), who creates portable, functional works of art, blurring the lines between fine art and craft, abstraction and realism, the poetic and the mundane. They are meant to be carried with you—a tangible reminder to slow down, look closer, and notice the beauty surrounds.

-Gift Certificate to Alder & Co. ($100 value), a space of timeless and transportive things, as useful as they are beautiful.


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