Halloween Costume Guide: 2016 Edition

Halloween Costume Guide: 2016 Edition

We thought it might be nice to take a break from all the nastiness of election season and instead focus on our favorite holiday of the year: Halloween!  You only have about a week left to shop for your costume–are you ready?  If not be sure to read on, and check out the Halloween Costume Guide in our webshop!


Mean Girls

A timeless classic, with the funniest and most accurate line about the nature of female Halloween costume options: “The really hardcore girls just wear lingerie and animal ears.” ’nuff said.


Eleven from Stranger Things

We predict you’ll be seeing a lot of girls in a sweet pink vintage dress with a denim jacket, sneakers and cute socks this Halloween!


Enchantress from Suicide Squad

Any Strapless Bra or Bikini will work, provided you add the necessary chains and goth it up a bit.


Jessica Jones

Go modern with boyfriend jeans, a black tank, combat boots and a moto jacket, or for a more traditional comic book look, opt for a bodysuit and tights with teal accessories.


Rey from Star Wars

A comfy Tank and Leggings or Pjs with Uggs, a Belt, strategic swaths of fabric. Layer up and stay cozy in the Alpaca Cardigan by Skin.


Mickey from Love (ideally with a partner to play Gus)

Opt for Eberjey’s Beach Glow Nadine Maillot or any solid, shiny one-piece, and a pair of high-waisted jeans.


Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

A torn up tee, studded belt, fishnets and sparkly panties (ideally one pair of red and one pair of blue cut in half and sewn together) are all you really need–and, of course, the colorful pigtails!



Be respectful and honor the glorious purple one with a faithful version of any one of his fantastic looks. Think ruffles, velvet, boots and lace. Bonus points for a Beyoncé sidekick!


David Bowie

We’ve often referenced 70s glam here on the LIL blog, and Bowie was the undisputed king of that genre.  To pay homage to the passing of one of rock’s greatest legends, layer a cool textured bodysuit or a metallic bralette with a crazy jumpsuit and metallic Rachel Comey HFB socks or two-tone shimmer thigh highs. Don’t forget the platforms!


Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dr. Frank’n’Furter is a lingerie-inspired costume classic! Top off a black garter belt, stockings, lace cuffs, and corset (or cami) with some pearls and a lot of makeup. Or, if you’re looking for a twist, take some inspiration from Laverne Cox’s character in the recently-released remake.

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