Introducing Valentine NYC

Introducing Valentine NYC

Lille is proud to introduce you to Valentine!

Former models Whitney and Paloma decided to create their version of the best intimacy instigator, lingerie. Armed with years of knowledge from working with top brands in the fashion industry, they set out to design what every woman needed but didn’t necessarily have. Their goal was simple: make bras and panties using the highest quality lace, comfortable enough to wear everyday at an affordable price.

The Valentine aesthetic is simple–sexy shapes in a range of four sizes. It’s dyed in classic colors that compliment a variety of skin tones and it’s stretchy enough to fit a variety of body types. By combining premium lace with fabrics like spandex and cotton, their lingerie is comfortable enough to wear everyday. The Valentine woman is effortlessly confident, smart and free-spirited. This customer is the target for their designs and what’s setting them apart from other lingerie brands.

Lingerie is the heart and soul of Valentine. It’s no surprise that its founders chose to have it made in a country full of heart and soul. Once a design is approved, everything from the lace production, to the cutting, the dyeing and sewing is all done in Colombia, South America. Having everything in close proximity not only helps control the integrity of the product, but also helps reduce their carbon footprint. Even the factory where the lingerie is sewn embodies the bold independent spirit of the Valentine woman by only employing single mothers. A foundation to send a portion of all proceeds to these women is currently in the works.

Stop by soon to check out their beautiful collection or shop online now!

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