Halloween Inspiration: Spice Girls

Halloween Inspiration: Spice Girls

Get ready for some Girl Power! Whether you loved or hated them, I think everyone can agree the Spice Girls would make an excellent group costume this Halloween. With 5 different personalities, there’s something for everyone! Here’s a breakdown of how to get each look:

Baby Spice: pastels and pigtails are the vibe here. We think the Colette Chemise, paired with some sparkly over-knee socks and platform sandals would work well. Don’t forget a choker and some body glitter.

Scary Spice: here’s the chance to get a little racy. Animal print and pleather? Absolutely. The Stella Smooth Print Soft Cup Bra in leopard under a cropped blazer, along with some crazy leggings would do the trick.

Sporty Spice: bust out the sweats and get ready to bare your abs. A crop top like the Sleeping Some Crop Cami, paired with brightly-colored track pants and neon sneakers would get you right into pop-star shape.

Posh Spice: sleek and chic are the goals here. Pairing a black top like the Chloe Bra with a pencil skirt, or going for a minimal but skin-tight slip like the Anna Dress will work well. Follow up with some lip-liner, a flattening iron, and pointy stilettos—and don’t smile.

Ginger Spice: think Wonder Woman meets Britpop. A bra like the Leise Contour in a blue/red combo would be great paired with some glittery short-shorts. Just make sure you get a bright red wig and are wearing an oversized Union Jack, and you’ll be set!

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