Holiday Gift Guide: The World Traveler

Holiday Gift Guide: The World Traveler

Most of us have at least one person in our lives who’s constantly on the move. Perhaps they are taking a year off to backpack around the world, or maybe their job requires that they build up those frequent flyer miles. These globe-trotters can often be hard to shop for because they’ve seen so much and collected so many unique things during their travels. So instead of getting them more stuff that’s just going to sit at home, why not find a present that’s going to improve their life on the road?

The key here is versatility and efficiency. For example, a bra and panty set like the Temptation from Hanro (a personal favorite) is extremely comfortable and easy to wear, and the light mesh will wash easily and dry quickly. Bringing such undergarments means fewer things to pack and no trips to foreign laundromats. Along those lines, getting a bodysuit like the Viola Dozing is going to minimize the number of pieces they have to bring since it’s like a panty, layering camisole, and bra in one. And while we’re thinking about multipurpose options, a pair of leggings like the Cozy Time or Poor Boy styles can double as both comfy plane clothing (something we all want) and cold weather pajama bottoms.

If they’re lucky enough to be traveling to warm climates, a new swimsuit is always a great choice. Skimpy bikinis from Araks or Eberjey won’t take up much room in a suitcase. And if they want a little more coverage on the beach, a tunic like the Summer of Love Parker Top can double as a ready-to-wear top. Don’t forget a pair of cute sunglasses like the ones from Cheap Monday¬†either!

All in all, just keep things easy by looking for simple (yet pretty) pieces with multifunctional features. Throw in a few packets of Soak detergent, and your world traveler will be ready to jet!


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