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Holiday Gift Guide: The Work Friend

Holiday Gift Guide: The Work Friend

It’s the time of year for Secret Santas and White Elephant exchanges! Having just had our Lille holiday party a few weeks ago, we know how much fun it can be to blow off a little steam and celebrate with your coworkers. Shopping for a fellow employee, though, can either be a ton of fun or a head-scratcher—in my experience it’s often determined by 1) how well you know the person and 2) what their personality is like. If you’re lucky enough to be shopping for a woman who you feel like you can be a little less formal with, getting her something personal from Lille is one gift she will truly appreciate.

We’ve found, with this type of shopping, that most people want to keep it simple. A great pair of undies, in an unusual color or with great details, is a really easy way to go. Some of our favorites? Cheery patterns like the Prisca or Galatee from Princesse Tam Tam, bright colors like the 1977 or Safari Style from Elle MacPherson, and great high-waisted cuts like the Arpege from Huit are all fun options. Looking for something more festive for the season? The glittery touches on the Cloud Swing and Metallic Ruched styles will add the perfect amount of sparkle to her panty drawer. And if you think she might appreciate something a little flirtier, the West of the Moon and Cherie Sneezing styles are classically sexy without being over the top.

If panties seem a little too intimate for this relationship (because, you know, some of us are closer to our coworkers than others), then a great pair of tights is always a fantastic choice. The Gingko and MMM’s sheers from LoveHate are unique but still on the office-appropriate side—plus they come in an adorable reusable tin. French company Gerbe makes some truly beautiful styles; the Palais Royal are our top pick. And as I’ve mentioned on a few other gift guides this season, Tabbisocks‘ assortment of over-knees and tights are a no-brainer in terms of easy gift options.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gag gift as much as the next girl, but there is something to be said for a thoughtful present that you’re actually going to use. And a little something that’s going to brighten her day when she gets dressed in the morning is only going to improve her mood at work, right? Let’s just hope your Secret Santa has the same idea!

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