Holiday Gift Guide: The New Relationship

Holiday Gift Guide: The New Relationship

Nothing can be so exciting as a new relationship—but nothing can seem quite as daunting as the first time you buy her lingerie. If you’re not a panty professional like we are, initially it can be a little overwhelming to navigate the world of fancy underwear. Add on top of that the pressure of finding something that’s going to fit her that she will like—it can seem a bit stressful. But not to fear, Lille is here! Even if you have no clue as to where to begin, our years of gift-guiding expertise will result in the perfect present.

First things first: get her size. It’s not necessary, but it’s helpful. Do some detective work and check out the tags of whatever garment you can get your hands on—bras and panties are obviously helpful, but if you aren’t at the ‘can comfortably rifle through her underwear drawer’ stage of the relationship, try and look at her jacket or sweater. The more specifics you can get the better. For instance, if you know she’s a 34B and a medium on bottom, there will be a ton of bra/panty sets to choose from. If you don’t know, that’s okay too—it just means that perhaps going with a bralette or chemise (things available in small/medium/large instead of a specific band and cup size) might be a little easier to get the fit right, since there is generally more flexibility with how those sizes work.

Still with me? Ok, once you have size, think about her style. Is it casual or does she like to dress up? Brands like Eberjey and Only Hearts can be great for ladies who live in t-shirts and jeans but who still want to feel beautiful. For example, the Cecilia, Metallic Ruched, or Mabel Retro styles are comfortable enough that she’ll want to wear them everyday, but they are still pretty and feminine. If she likes to look a little more polished, then an embellished set like the New Idylle from Huit or Alix from Princesse Tam Tam could be a sophisticated yet sexy option. Not sure if she’s the ‘matching bra and panty’ type? Go for a classic chemise like the Carmen or Nouvel Emoi—again, these pieces are easy to get the size right, so they’re always a great choice.

One request we get again and again for first-time lingerie gifts are garter belts. They’re fun in that, for most women, they aren’t something worn on a daily basis, so they can have an added flirtatious appeal. For the holidays you can’t beat the bright red Nouvel Emoi one from Huit, but a classic like the Whisper style is going to match with a lot of other things. Make sure to pair with some stockings like the Sensitive ones from Gerbe or simple black sheers from La Perla.

And a final thought for first-time lingerie buyers: don’t be discouraged by price. We’ve seen the look of confusion/despair come over a shopper’s eyes when they come in and immediately look at the tag of a $300 bra. Yes, we offer those styles for our customers in search of high-end options, but we have something at every price point (this is pragmatic Portland, you know). Don’t be discouraged, just look around a little more or bring up the budget you’re looking to stay within—we are happy to lend as much help as possible!

Lingerie is fun because it can be a gift for both of you, so try to keep her taste as well as yours in mind. And remember—taking the initiative to buy her such a gift is likely going to make her love you even more, so there’s no need to over-think it, you’ll do great!

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