Halloween Inspiration: Last-Minute Costumes

Halloween Inspiration: Last-Minute Costumes

Despite thinking about Halloween for the past few weeks here on the blog, I am quite guilty of putting together my costume minutes before I head to a party on October 31st. I seem to always come up with amazing ideas for my ensemble in April, and them I’m left scrambling when it comes down to it. This hasn’t always been a bad thing—some of you might have seen my all-time favorite (very last-minute) Tobias Fünke costume that I wore to our Lille party years ago. But it can be a little stressful. If you’re in the same boat, don’t fret! Here are a list of quick and easy ideas for the time-restricted (or lazy) amongst us:

Uma Thurman’s character from Pulp Fiction: You probably already have the white tailored shirt and black pants; just add that iconic wig and, if you’re feeling provocative, maybe a little fake blood around the nose. Remember to remove your shoes if you plan on dancing.

Witch: Black is essential. Take a slip like the Sicily, add a gauzy robe or cloak (a sheet or tablecloth pinned at the neck works in a pinch), and top with a classic hat and broom. If you’re going the sexy route, add stockings; for the traditional witch, add a few face warts.

Frida Kahlo: Identifying factor here is the eyebrow; get that pencilled in, pile some braids and flowers on your head, and throw a brightly colored shawl over a festive dress or embroidered top.

Black cat: Buy some ears and a tail, paint a few whiskers on your face, and wear a bodysuit like the Adele. Your choice as to if you want to wish bad luck upon those who cross your path.

Bandit: A black and white striped shirt, black pants, black mask and beanie, plus a bag with a giant dollar sign on it, and you’re the classic thief (we advise against stealing anyone’s candy or party decorations, though).

Ice-skater/Ballerina: Choose which one works according to your props available; otherwise, you just need a snazzy leotard like the Orion Frankie, Wonderland Harlot, or Viola Dozing bodysuits. Add some tights, put your hair in a bun, and remember to stretch.

Angel/Devil: Once you decide if you’re on the side of good or evil, throw on white or red accordingly. The Polly Chemise is very angelic, while the Clara Whispering Suspender belt peeking out from below a red minidress would be a devilish touch.

Studio 54: Celebrate the Last Days of disco with an amazing jumpsuit (the Pilar is our favorite), tons of gold jewelry, platform heels, and feathered hair and navy eyeliner.

And perhaps my favorite—Sexy Sheet Ghost: Yes, pretty much what it sounds like. Take a white sheet, cut holes over the eyes, then wear your favorite Lille set over. You’ll be too sexy to be invisible!

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