Halloween Inspiration: Double Trouble

Halloween Inspiration: Double Trouble

If you have a partner in crime—be that a sweetheart, best friend, a pet who doesn’t leave your side—we think planning your costumes together can be twice the fun. Here, then, are some of our favorite ideas for your daring duo this Halloween:

Eddy and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous: The perfect chance to get as outrageous as possible. For Eddy, you’ll need the red curly wig, designer clothing that screams ‘urban trend gone bad,’ and a ridiculous hat. For Patsy, a push up bra like the Safari Style Contour peeking out from under a tight leopard print dress will show the right amount of sex appeal—add a blond beehive and cake on the makeup. Make sure you have glasses/bottles of champagne and faux cigarettes, daaahlings!

Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing: If you’re as obsessed with this movie as we are, this is a no-brainer. Johnny needs to look like a heartbreaker in all black (make sure that button-up is buttoned down). For Baby, you’ll want her light pink dress, which could be accomplished with a tank and floaty skirt if the vintage shops don’t have what you’re looking for. Get ready to bump and grind on the dance floor, because…you know…no one puts Baby in a corner!

Danny and Sandy from Grease: Similar to the Dirty Dancing costumes, but you’ll both need to be in black. For Sandy, make sure your hair is curled, your pants are skin tight, and you’ve got your red dancing shoes on.

Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World: This is obviously in no way lingerie-related…it’s just hilarious. Get some bad wigs, grungy jeans, t-shirts and a signature Wayne’s World hat.

Wayne and Madonna from Wayne’s ‘Justify my Love’ fantasy: Truthfully, I stole this from our own Sarah Wizemann. But it’s fun in that it’s a sexier take on Wayne’s World (unless you went as ‘sexy’ Wayne and Garth, which also sounds amazing). Compliment your Wayne costume with a blond 1990-era Madonna—help with that available on the blog!

Twins from The Shining: The creepiest little girls we can recall; you’ll need everything to match, obviously, from the blue dresses to the knee highs and mary-janes. Covering yourselves in blood is optional—an added bonus is freaking out your friends by speaking in unison.

Bonnie and Clyde: Of course we love the vintage vibe here. For Bonnie, keep it classic with a sweater, high-waisted skirt, stockings or stay-ups like the Fine Filet by Falke, silk scarf and beret. Clyde needs a suit (make sure it has a vest) and a ’30s-style hat. Bags of ‘money’ can double as bags of candy—a getaway car would be helpful too.

Any famous couple, but a zombie version: Have your own favorite couple? Kick it up a notch by adding a little gory makeup. Doesn’t zombie Kim and Kanye sound more interesting?

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