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Halloween Inspiration: Cat Lady

Halloween Inspiration: Cat Lady

If you’ve talked to any Lille gal about anything other than lingerie, chances are, it might have been about cats. We own them, we adore them, we joke about being cat ladies all the time. So we figure why not take that to the next level and wear a comfy costume that shows off our affection for felines!

Obviously, you’re gonna need a lot of cats; a true cat lady would bring along her own 10-15, but we will probably opt for the plush toy variety. Next, carefully attach some of them to a thick and cuddly robe, like the Alpine Chic, Cocoon, or Cotton Terry styles (you’ll have to carry the rest of them, just like a good cat mom). For bottoms, choose a loungewear legging like the Cozy Time or Sadie Stripes, covered with pet hair if possible. Pairing these with an oversized t-shirt (with anthropomorphic kitties, of course), is the best way to say ‘I don’t leave the house much.’ Put some tangles or half-done curlers in your hair and you’ll look cat fancy!

Be sure to check out our Halloween Costume Guide and take 25% off items included in the collection with coupon code HALLOWEEN25. We are also giving away a $50 Lille Boutique Gift Certificate to one lucky shopper on Pinterest. Go to the Halloween collection and pin your favorite item with #lillehalloween for a chance to win (the winner will be selected at random on Halloween and announced here on the blog). Good luck!

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