Halloween Inspiration: Babies

Halloween Inspiration: Babies

No, this is not a post about encouraging women to take fashion inspiration from babies, though that is apparently a thing….(?!) As you probably already know, I haven’t been in the shop as much lately because I’ve had my hands full with another project–raising my baby girl, who is now 9 months old. Halloween is still my favorite time of year, and this is the only time she will be this tiny, so I’ve had a hard time narrowing down my costume options to just one! The most important thing is that she be comfortable, so as appealing as those pre-made children’s costumes may be, (tiny lamb, anyone?) I know she will be overheated and annoyed with anything on her head, so it’s just not an option. There will be plenty of years in the future for her to choose her own uncomfortable costume, should she so desire.

Next in terms of priority is nurse-ability, so that eliminates a lot of options for matching costumes in the mama department. And finally, I need something easy to execute that won’t require a lot of time sourcing props and costume elements like the choices I’ve made in years past when time and energy weren’t so hard to come by!

I’m left with a few solid options that will make for great photo ops and a few smiles, which is the goal, after all, is it not?

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

I received a tiny red Adidas Track Suit as a shower gift, which immediately reminded me of Chas and his sons. You could comfortably clad your whole family in these suits and call it a day (with Mom and Dad in curly wigs) or, depending on your locks, Mom can wear a blue polo dress and go as Margot, with Dad in a tennis outfit as Richie.


2. Olive Oyl, Popeye and Sweet Pea

I have a fondness for vintage-inspired baby clothing, so anything made with wood buttons, soft linens and knitwear in the form of rompers, onesies and dresses sets off my cute overload reflex. Dress your little Sweet Pea in a comfortable snap dress and Peter Pan collar with a soft, knit cap or a vintage sailor suit, and don a black dress with a red sweater, slicking your hair back into a bun. Papa would ideally dress up as the title character with a can of spinach in his hand and a squinty expression, to boot.


3. Labyrinth

I think this is my favorite one, but I don’t know if I will have the time and energy to pull it off. My hair is the perfect length and color to tease up into that 80s metal mullet, and I definitely own a puffy pirate shirt, riding boots and leather pants, though the crystal ball poses a minor challenge–will I be able to elegantly toy with it like Bowie? I really just need a red and white striped onesie for the baby, and if I could convince my husband to wear an old bridal gown and long brown wig, he would make a great Jennifer Connelly!image

So, what’s your favorite? And Mamas, how do you plan to dress up your babies? Happy Halloween, everyone!

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