Independent Lingerie / The Final Touches

Independent Lingerie / The Final Touches


Indie lingerie brands are typically the work of cool, spirited designers from all walks of life. They often include interesting details that give character and personality to each piece.

Naïs Lingerie transforms plain white straps and trim with vibrant colorful dyes. VPL’s entire line features recognizable rectangular metal logos and signature grosgrain ribbon detailing. I’ve even heard rumors of designers painting rings and slides with nail polish to match their garments. While Stella McCartney‘s brand has grown into an iconic fashion house, her pieces almost always have decorative straps made from pretty ribbons. She also features uniquely shaped bra hardware made from recycled metals. These details compliment the fabric and designs, while elevating them beyond the mainstream offerings.

There’s also packaging and branding materials to consider. Huit sends boutiques a stack of lookbooks for customers to peruse or keep. Fortnight and RR Lingerie offer cute buttons to wear around town. Chie Mihara’s shoes are always wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and come with an extra pair of heel caps. Erica Tanov sends a lavender sash in each order so even unpacking the cardboard shipping box is a lovely sensory experience. For Love & Lemon’s lingerie has mesh tags stitched with their logo. Small designers see every aspect of their brand as an essential and artful expression of their aesthetic.

From trimmings to packaging, these finishing touches are what make the brands stand apart from the mainstream. It’s intention and thoughtfulness that gives the pieces character and builds a story for the brand. And because Lille Boutique believes so strongly in these special touches, we wrap each purchase with love and a bow-tied ribbon!

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  1. Ammar Eve - May 21, 2015

    This lingerie is really exquisite.

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