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Guest Post: Launching RR Lingerie Pt. 2

Guest Post: Launching RR Lingerie Pt. 2


Ever since we Kickstarted the RR Lingerie line in March, manufacturing has slowly been in motion. I’ve been back and forth to Long Island over the last few weeks to check in with the factory and continue fittings.

The factory I’m working with also produces the Naïs and Relique, two great NY based lingerie brands. The factory owner/operator believes in my brand and wants to see us grow and expand in the future. Still though, we encounter some wait-listing because larger brands take priority. It’s frustrating, but allows me to thoroughly consider the construction details that will make RR Lingerie special.


My fit model is a 34C, wears a medium bottom, and is one of my dearest friends. Fit models can charge hundreds of dollars per hour, so fitting a friend saves a ton of start-up money. Designers rely on fit models to tell us how each piece feels on the body; if she experiences any kind of discomfort or has ideas to make it better, we listen and make changes. These fit samples are produced using scrap mesh and trim, so I have to use my imagination to envision the final product.

One of the hardest parts of this job is making decisions. There are so many details to consider! So far, all of my materials have been sourced in the Garment District in NYC. Sounds simple, right? Forget it! The Garment District may only be a few avenues but it has dozens of stores, each stocked with thousands of products to choose from. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed, but on my last visit to the District I was on a roll. I purchased all the fabric I needed for my samples, a selection of metal rings & slides, and options for strap material. Then, I looked into designs and rates for logo and care labels. Would you believe that the minimum order for a woven label is 5,000 pieces? Thermal labels are way cheaper, but a bit dull. I toyed with the idea of embroidering my own labels, but I think woven labels will probably be the best option. I’ve also decided to officially brand the line as RR Lingerie, instead of Rachel Rector Lingerie. I think it sounds and looks better. I can’t wait to see the RR logo on the finished garments!


Tomorrow, I’m visiting the factory again with my fit model and my new intern. I can’t wait to see the progress of the samples. I’m crossing my fingers that the fit is finally dialed in and that we can start to think about putting together the final samples. Boutiques are interested in my line and want to start ordering, so the pressure is on!

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