Holiday Gift Guide: Your Curvy Goddess

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Curvy Goddess

We love helping ladies with curves find lingerie that makes them feel beautiful, and more importantly, comfortable!  Although the size range is not as vast from independent designers since they are limited by their factories’ constraints and cannot produce the massive quantities required to cover every single size, there are a few notable standouts who consistently manufacture high quality goods for ladies in the D-G range.  We’re particularly fond of Fortnight, Claudette, Malia Mills, and Elle Macpherson Intimates thanks to their attention to detail (i.e. supportive mesh wings at the side of the cups, multi-panel construction, breathable fibers, etc.) And many brands like Huit and Stella McCartney dabble in the D-E range with select styles, so be sure to ask us if you need help finding the right size.  We might even be able to place a special order for you if we’re sold out of a size that is still available from the designer.

Elle Macpherson Intimates




Malia Mills Swimwear


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