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Halloween Inspiration: Wes Anderson Films

Halloween Inspiration: Wes Anderson Films

Last year, we blogged about Moonrise Kingdom in our annual Halloween Inspiration series, but we neglected to mention the many other fanciful characters from Wes Anderson’s catalog that would make wonderful Halloween Costumes.  At the top of our list is the family of foxes in PJs in The Fantastic Mr. Fox.


We have some amazing pajama sets in the store right now, including the Noeud Papillon PJs by Princesse Tam Tam and the Free Bird or Sleep Chic PJs by Eberjey, any of which would make delightful additions to your wardrobe and would look adorable with little fox masks.


Another one of our favorite Wes Anderson films is The Royal Tenenbaums, and we love the idea of Margot and Richie costumes for a couple. The key here is the fur coat, but once you find the perfect one at a thrift store, all you need is heavy black eyeliner, some hair clips, a pretty chemise like the Cadel Slip by Araks and perhaps a fake finger cuff.  Smoke dramatically all night long and cuddle up to your tennis pro buddy, who is hopefully man enough to go out in only one shoe.



Finally, you can’t go wrong with a Team Zissou group costume from The Life Aquatic.  The aforementioned PJs could work again here, or you could pick up some inexpensive blue work shirts from a uniform store–anything light blue could work, really, as long as you’re all wearing red knit caps and Adidas sneakers.

Are we forgetting anyone?  Let us know in the comments and tell us if you’re as excited as we are for his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, to hit the big screen!





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