Halloween Inspiration: The 5th Element

Halloween Inspiration: The 5th Element

In keeping with this week’s trend of blogging about memorable film characters as Halloween costume options, we bring you Leeloo Mina Lekatariba Lamina Tchai Ekbat De Sabat from the Fifth Element. Or just Leeloo…


I developed a newfound appreciation for this film and its elaborate costuming upon attending the Gaultier exhibit at the De Young museum in San Francisco last year.  The best, and most outrageous outfits, surely belonged to Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rhod character, but Leeloo’s are a close second.  To pull it off, you need a bright orange wig, pale luminous skin and a body that won’t quit, not to mention the willingness to bare it all. If you’re too shy to go out wrapped in nothing but an ace bandage, you can creatively combine Shakuhachi’s white Floating Panel Crop Top with a pair of white short shorts or a skirt with sheer panels to keep your dignity intact.  You could also opt for one of her less revealing uniforms with a mini crop top like the Jersey Lace Longline Bralette by Only Hearts, a harness or suspenders like UC’s Detachable Leather Straps or the Jade Playsuit by Lascivious, and skin-tight gold pants or tights.  Don’t forget your multipass!


The Stewardesses offer another group costume opportunity, and the Jade Cutout Bra by Lascivious is a great option for the top portion if you can find a mini skirt to match.


The Diva offers the biggest challenge of them all, so only take it on if you’re a professional cosplay nerd or talented crafter.


Finally, the cameo by supermodel Eve is a good option for exhibitionists with shaved heads and tattoos, since all she wears besides a fur coat is fishnets, a thong and a clear plastic mini.  I guess this covers the “sexy alien” portion of our blog series!




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