Halloween Inspiration: Maternity Edition

Halloween Inspiration: Maternity Edition

As many of you already know, I am currently pregnant with a baby girl and just about to enter the third trimester, so my Halloween costume options this year are somewhat limited. At the same time, it’s a rare opportunity to take advantage of my huge baby belly for some very amusing costumes that would not otherwise be possible. There’s always “ninja smuggling a scocer ball” pictured above, but I am still taking suggestions, and I’m currently trying to decide between one of the following:


1. Pregnant Nun: This really appeals to the rebellious Catholic schoolgirl in me.

Old Fat Elvis

2. Fat Elvis: This might be the funniest one if I can pull it off, but I worry about the logistics of having to tailor a white jumpsuit to fit the bump.


3. Alien Chestburster: Probably the easiest option, as all I will need is a toy alien, a white t-shirt and some fake blood.


4. Freaky Doll Baby Uterus Burster: This might offend the mothers of the world, but it’s pretty entertaining in my book.


5. Paint the bump xyz…Basketball, Pumpkin, etc.: I’m underwhelmed by this, but it’s a popular pregnancy option.

I’d love to hear costume ideas from any moms out there who have had this same sartorial dilemma in years past, so please leave your suggestions in the comments section!

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