Halloween Inspiration: Cruella De Vil

Halloween Inspiration: Cruella De Vil

I have always loved the idea of playing the villain on Halloween, because you can really get into character and have fun with it.  One of the most entertaining female antagonists, in my book, is Cruella De Vil, whose Machiavellian ways and dramatic sense of style call to mind Anna Wintour, or at least Meryl Streep’s version of her.

cruella-de-vilHardcore Halloween purists would do well to replicate her graphic silver/black bob to really get the look down, but a wig will suffice for the faint of heart.  I love Shakuhachi’s Halterneck Ombre Maxi Dress for this costume, paired perhaps with the perfectly polka-dotted Dana Stay Ups or Tights as a nod to her puppy-skinning ways.  You could also vamp it up in the Marguerite Riding Bodysuit in Red Leopard by Stella McCartney–don’t forget elbow-length gloves or cuffs and a long cigarette holder. The versatile Silk Charmeuse Long Slip by Only Hearts is spot-on (no pun intended) with a great fur coat. Of course, coming from the land of vegans, you might want to eschew the real thing in favor of a PETA-friendly version:  Eberjey’s reversible Alpine Chic Robe with the Sherpa side out (pin black paper polka dots to it for added authenticity.) And with that, I’ll leave you with one of her best quotes:

Cruella De Vil: Be sure to let me know when the blessed event occurs.
Anita: [thinking that Cruella is talking about the baby] It won’t be for another 8 months.
Cruella De Vil: The puppies, darling. I have no use for babies.

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