Halloween Inspiration: Risky Business

A few days ago I glorified my alien ambition–otherwise known as a stellar costume idea that has yet to see the Day of the Dead. Sadly, I always end up reserving the idea for “next year.” The reason? I have a shaggy pixie cut that begs to be incorporated into a costume! You see, short of wearing a wig, this hair style is a hard thing to work around. But, if I’m clever, I can turn the androgynous side of my look into a vital accessory. So far I’ve been a rough-n-tumble newsie and Paul McCartney in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…two of my favorite costumes to date. Maybe this year I’ll channel Tom Cruise in the iconic Risky Business dance sequence in the SSV Monument Sleep Shirt, a classic pair of white panties (I love the TEN Bikini and the Organic Cotton Bikini), white socks such as the Rib Opaque Thigh Highs or the Incroyable Anklet Socks in Champagne Dore (these have some sparkle to them, which adds a fun twist to the classic outfit), and a candle holder. I think it’s safe to say that most folks will instantly recognize the origin of this look, so pour me a whiskey coke and get ready for a show!

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