Halloween Inspiration: Classic Witch

Halloween Inspiration: Classic Witch

When you’re scrambling to put together a Halloween costume and having a hard time coming up with anything original, it’s safe to stick to the Classics.  Men have it easy, since there are so many male monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon…the list goes on) but we ladies have limited options in the Fright Night category.

We love the Bride of Frankenstein, as played by Elsa Lanchester in the 1935 classic, but this costume is a bit more labor-intensive and hinges almost entirely on the right wig/hairstyle to pull it off. I’ve had a 1930s wedding gown set aside for this sole purpose for years, but I can never manage to figure out the hair.  I’d welcome tips from any hairstylists in the comments section!

Vampires are also a safe bet, but we feel they may be a bit over-played this decade, what with all the mediocre films and TV shows focused almost entirely on their sex lives, or lack thereof.  (I must admit, I do admire the eurotrash styling of Pam on True Blood, and all that leather is certainly on-trend!)

It goes without saying that Zombies are a classic Halloween option (3 cheers for the return of The Walking Dead!), though it’s a bit more difficult to maintain any sex appeal when your face is rotting off.

So, we’re left with the Wicked Witch—a timeless classic that’s easy to pull off, affords tremendous poetic license, and offends neither the feminists at your house party nor the parents of the small children whom I occasionally drive to tears when I greet them at the door in a mask that is just a little bit too scary for a 2 year old to comprehend (sorry, neighbors!)

Of course, if you want to offend, there’s always Elvira. (I can say from personal experience that she is unoffendable—while attending the premiere of Elvira’s Haunted Hills, I watched her agree, without hesitation, to sign my gay male friend’s derriere so that he could have her signature tattooed immediately thereafter!  Good times.)  Regardless of the witch you choose to embody, you can pretty much wear any black dress in your closet with last season’s boots and black tights, but you can step up your game a bit with these fashionable staples:

Swallowtail Chemise – I lived in this flowy organic cotton dress all summer long, and I fully intend to layer it with warm undergarments to carry it through the Fall.  It never fails to elicit compliments, and the voluminous shape allows you to eat whatever you want without worrying about the food baby bulge showing. If maximum capacity is not the end goal, you could always cinch it with the Villa Caprice Belt by Maison Close.

Firming Slip – For added tummy control, this is a great base layer, but if you’re going for a sexy witch vibe, you could certainly sport this slip on its own.

Lace Panel Slip – We’re all fawning over the Fall ’12 collection by Shakuhachi, and this gorgeous slip dress has strategic lace panels to hide/show the right parts.

Cassie Ankle Boots – Another Lille accessory that is on constant rotation in my closet.  I love the Downton Abbey appeal of these boots for everyday wear, but they are absolutely spot-on for a witch costume.

Boulevard Heels – Courtney was lucky enough to snap these shoes up as soon as they arrived, and she’s been rocking them with jeans and slouchy t-shirts for a sexy, dressed-up/dressed-down look the past few weeks. They have great vintage-witch appeal.

Vesta Cutaway Heels – If you need justification for treating yourself to the ultimate sexy bootie, why not build your Halloween costume around your shoes?

Amazing Hosiery – Any black tights will do, but if your going low-budg on the rest of the outfit, you can really add some interesting texture to your witch costume without breaking the bank with the Paradoxale Ankle Socks, Parisienne Stockings, Paris by Night Stay-Ups, or District Tights by Gerbe.

Of course, the Wizard of Oz version demands green face paint, a hand-made broom, a pointy hat and a wicked cackle, so if you’re going as the Wicked Witch of the West, practice your laugh and rehearse your lines: “I’ll get you my pretty…and your little dog, too!”

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