TEN Undies

TEN Undies

We are so thrilled to announce the arrival of what we have deemed “the best cotton panties in the universe” after exhaustive research and tireless testing.  Daphne Javitch, the founder and designer of TEN Undies, who is truly a Lille girl after our own hearts, was recently featured in the Araks lookbook in a lovely photo, shot by gal pal, Michelle Williams, and has graced the web with her presence on stylish blogs like Garance Dore.

At our meeting in her beautiful LES loft, Daphne and I bonded over our love of A Détacher, debated the merits of the Prada/Schiaparelli exhibit, waxed rhapsodic about Japanese culture, and showed each other our bras.  Needless to say, I liked her from the start.  With a background in costume design and a love of French New Wave Cinema, it’s no surprise that her collection was inspired by the carefree, laid-back sexiness of ’60s gamines Anna Karina, Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy, to name a few.

Daphne’s fastidious nature and impassioned focus on quality control is remarkable for a relatively new designer manufacturing in small quantities in the USA. Courtney and I were lucky enough to each receive a free pair of the “perfect ten” bikini last year, and we are constantly singing their praises to anyone who will listen…“No, seriously—they DO NOT ride up! Ever… And the fabric…. omg, it’s the softest in the world!!!”  Made with perfectly stretchy, slightly sheer, mercerized Italian cotton that has been lovingly hand-dyed each season in fashion-forward colors, with the most comfortable elastic trim known to womankind, TEN undies come in a Godard-inspired airmail envelope just perfect for gifting.  We guarantee: you’ll want ten of every style!

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  1. Phyllis Title - May 28, 2015

    Where can I biy Ten Undies?

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