Unforeseen Circumstances 2012 Collection

Unforeseen Circumstances 2012 Collection

We are so pleased to announce that the Spring 2012 collection of gorgeous silk lingerie by NYC Undergarment Company Unforeseen Circumstances has arrived! We are the only store in the country to receive this exclusive shipment, and it is sure to sell out quickly, so let us know if you have your eye on something, and we will set it aside for you.  Inspired by such varied influences as the paintings of Cy Twombly, the poetry of Pablo Neruda and a song called “Coyote’s Birthday Stomp,” Teo Griscom’s latest collection is as artistic and thoughtful as ever, employing a dusky palette of muted blue, blush and ivory, with a one-of-a-kind painterly print created by the designer herself.  The lovely lookbook was shot on location in Mexico at a bullfighting arena, which compliments the interesting leather harnesses that were fashioned for certain styles as an optional accessory. Be sure to stop by soon to check out this unique and fanciful collection from a talented young designer with a truly original vision!

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  1. Claire - May 25, 2012

    What an incredibly unusual collection! Good idea to do the shoot in that dusty aridly hot backdrop, it really highlights the earthy colours and leather textures. Awesome!!

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