Travel Panties

Travel Panties

A Lille girl can never have too many beautiful panties–there are just so many to choose from–but when that gal (me!) is headed for a 2.5 month stint in Europe with nothing but a 40 liter backpack, some narrowing down must happen. I set a seemingly impossible challenge for myself: pack only ten of my absolute favorite pairs of panties. This proved even harder than choosing my ten favorite clothing items to live in during my trip, but after several weeks strategizing, I finally came up with the ten perfect travel panties!

I live in cotton undies, so several Pima Goddess bikinis in black and charcoal from Eberjey made the cut right away. At only $14 a piece, these are functional, comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. Throw in a cozy Petit Bateau panty and I’m set for cotton basics.

Sarah smartly suggested that I consider panties made of mesh and other quick drying materials, and I immediately fell in love with the Eve Giggling bikini. To me, this is the perfect panty. The mesh is insanely comfortable, breathable, dries in a flash and frankly, the see-through fabric makes my bum look incredible. Another Stella McCartney panty fit this description: the Marguerite Riding bikini, whose leopard print micro mesh is oh so awesome. A pretty Elle Macpherson Obsidian panty with nude mesh and pretty floral applique was also a winner: fast drying, delicate, and perfect to wear under light colored clothing.

But, of course, a lady needs a few pairs of fancy underpinnings to feel sexy while strolling the streets of Barcelona (with lively Spanish guitar melodies playing in my heart). I opted for a pair of Fortnight’s Jolene High-Waist Knickers, because not only do I absolutely adore the navy eyelet lace but the high-waist will offer a little shaping under the few dresses and skirts I’m allowing myself to bring. I’m also packing one thong, the Flowers Thong by Stola, because these skin tight high-waisted jeans require it and I wanted a fun, colorful print to stand out among the other neutral colored panties.

Last but not least, a bottle of Soak will accompany me and my ten carefully curated pairs of panties on my journey. This no-rinse detergent gets things clean in about 15 minutes and skips a water wasting step. Genius.

So, Lille friends, today marks my 5th to last day at my favorite little lingerie boutique. I bid you adieu!

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  1. Jessica Williams - April 18, 2012

    When you’re traveling, it’s important to choose your undies carefully. I guess, cotton under garments are the best ones to use when you’re on the move. They’re more comfortable, and of course, easier to wash. Make sure you’re packing a few of your favorite shades. I personally love darker shades in my undies. They can be worn over just anything. However, if majority of your wardrobe consists of light colored skirts, pants, etc., I guess it’ll be wiser to carry a few neutral colored underwear, as well.

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