Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Friend

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Friend

Every gal has one: the friend that will party until dawn to celebrate your smallest of achievements, always comes to the rescue in moments of crisis, and can make you laugh harder than anyone else. In other words, a true blue best bud.  Chances are, your BFF would be absolutely thrilled to receive a Gift Certificate to Lille, thereby giving you both an excuse to go shopping together. But you could also go the extra mile by picking something out for her that reflects her taste.  If she is a…

1. Fashionista

She’ll love anything by Stella McCartney. You can’t go wrong with the Marguerite Riding Soft Cup Bralette or Madeleine Celebrating French Knicker. She’d also swoon for the brand new Phillip Lim Initials collection, or some hand-screen-printed tights by Les Queues de Sardines.  Whatever you do, go for unconventional styles that are harder to find to show you understand her need for sartorial individuality!

2. Tomboy

She probably won’t be into the frills and lace that most lingerie stores are chockablock full of, but lucky for you there are brands like VPL, Araks, Petit Bateau and Stola available at Lille!  These independent designers focus on clean, modern lines and comfort, so you can find lace-free options that leave you feeling supported, but unfettered, making it that much easier to climb a tree, ride a bike or change a tire.

3. Girly-Girl

If she has a soft spot for silk and lace, then the romantic pieces from Stephanie Loungewear, Rituel by Carine Gilson and La Perla will be right up her alley.  The Plain Lace Playsuit by Aloe is another one of our absolute favorites.  These high-end designer options are great if you’re looking to splurge, so it may be nice to get a few friends to chip in together to show how much she means to all of you. More affordable styles include stockings from Maison Close, Bralettes from Eberjey, and Camis from Unforeseen Circumstances.

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