Lille’s Sick Day Anecdote

Lille’s Sick Day Anecdote

Things that cheer a lady up while bedridden on a perfect day: Cozy Wolford knee-highs…


And a glimpse of Springtime from the bedroom window.

I am so happy to have snagged the last pair of Wolford Baily knee-highs at the Lille anniversary party last weekend. It’s amazing how effortlessly a pair of hosiery dresses up any outfit (even sick day PJ’s). Lucky for you, the Wolford Baily tights are still available in Ecru or Navy, and are just as comfortable and sexy! Plus, we have a plethora of hosiery styles in the Lille web store and even more choices at our brick and mortar store.

What simple pleasures brighten up a sick day for you?

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