Weekly Private Sale: $100 Off Chie Mihara Shoes

Weekly Private Sale: $100 Off Chie Mihara Shoes

Last season, we quietly imported a small selection of exquisite Spanish-made shoes from Brazilian-born Japanese designer, Chie Mihara.  We love the subtle vintage references, impeccable construction and comfortable anatomical footbed in Chie’s stylish heels, and apparently so does Portland! We’re happy to report that the shoe experiment did extremely well, and we will continue to grow this section of ourAccessories department.  We are very nearly sold out of Chies, but we are expecting a huge shipment from her fabulous Spring collection next week, so we are offering a whopping $100 off the last few remaining pairs to make room for our new arrivals.  If you’re lucky, maybe your size is still available so you can take advantage of this great deal!

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