Thanksgiving Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to CMM, our big winner in the Eberjey Pajama Giveaway. She painted such a lovely picture with her comment on the Prima Ballerina PJ Blog Post….

I grew up with an open door policy for holidays, and we always had a full little house. The table only seats about 18 so people leaning on the piano eating, and the card tables out in the living room. Someone with their plate in the old telephone cubby. Crazy-town, but the very best kind, because my family and friends (exchange students, mailman, nurses from the senior home across the street, etc…) are always laughing and happy to be together. My mom has always cooked like there is an army in the house, so there might as well be.”

Thanksgiving is such a great opportunity to take stock of our lives and realize how fortunate we are to have friends and family members who love us unconditionally. The holidays can be a difficult time, from trying to make ends meet in order to get the kids the presents that they are counting on, to biting your tongue when you don’t agree with your in-laws. But I think it’s important to remind ourselves that, no matter what hardships the year has doled out to us, it could be worse. Here’s hoping everyone has plenty of food in a warm, cozy home full of people just like CMM’s!

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