April Giveaway #3: Xocolatl de David’s Salted Caramel Bar!

Whenever I’m stumped for a topic to write about, I always visit A Cup of Jo for inspiration.  Joanna’s lovely blog is filled with beautiful imagery, and she has a knack for really speaking to the heart of the matter.  So today’s giveaway is inspired by her post about the Sea Salt Brownie, because it’s true – sea salt really does make everything better!  We’ve been carrying the confections of local gourmand David Briggs for several months now, and the product that sells out consistently is the Salted Caramel Bar.  Made with 72% chocolate from Ecuador, with morsels of decadent salted caramel sprinkled throughout, this is sure to become your favorite grown-up candy bar.  The best part is that this contest is effectively unisex, because a sweet tooth knows no gender!  We’re giving one away to the lucky winner who shares the best anecdote revolving around chocolate, candy or desserts – could be a Valentine’s Day story, a fond childhood memory or simply a confession of personal indulgence. Here’s mine, to get you started:

When I was a child, I had a full-on candy addiction, spurred on by a high metabolism and a penchant for fidgeting that required constant refueling.  Just a few blocks from my adolescent home there was, and still is, a magical place called Ranison‘s; a tiny mom & pop shop where they make their own ice cream and candy to this day.  I would traverse the short distance to this cavity-inducing mecca for wayward youth in a matter of minutes via my banana-seated two-wheeler, complete with glow-in-the-dark, neon spokey-dokes and tassles on the handlebars.  There I would procure no less than $2 worth of sweets per day, which I would consume methodically (all the green Skittles first, followed by the watermelon Airhead, then perhaps the cola and rootbeer Bottle Caps – who could tell them apart – but never the orange anything, most certainly not the Runts) while simultaneously embedding the buttons of a Nintendo controller deep into my fingertips and periodically hurling said device at the console television in abject frustration.  Ironically, I would rarely buy the handmade gourmet chocolate that I drool over now, likely due to the fact that you could buy 100 Tootsie Frooties for the same dollar that would get you only 1 measly Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream.  At that age, it’s really about making your dollar stretch, and you can’t argue with that logic.  I would even go so far as to peddle my own wares to earn enough money to get my fix when the allowance wouldn’t cut it.  Depending on my whims, my efforts would range from the occasional slap-dash Lemonade Stand to pre-planned Yard Sales and even to the more laborious endeavor of making my own hand-beaded necklaces (the latter proving the most lucrative.)  Bottom line, I was a candy hound, and I have the fillings to prove it!


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