April Giveaway #1 – Les Queues de Sardines Tights!

April Giveaway #1 – Les Queues de Sardines Tights!

You’re probably thinking, “This must be an April Fools’ Day joke – no way could they be giving away a free pair of the incredible, stylish, sought-after tights by Les Queues de Sardines that arrived only a week ago!” But for our very first big lingerie giveaway, I thought it only fitting to give you, our dear and faithful readers, something that you really want that also pays homage to Poisson D’Avril.  The best part is we’re not even limiting the style or size, so you can take any pair you want!  It’s our way of saying thanks for three lovely years of business.  So here’s the drill: Become a follower of the Life in Lingerie blog, then tell us your favorite April Fools’ Day story or prank idea in the comments section by 6pm tomorrow.  The winner’s name will be drawn at random tomorrow night during the First Friday Art Exhibit from 6-9pm.  If you can’t make the event, or you don’t live in Portland, you’re still eligible to win, so don’t worry! We can’t wait to hear your stories….xoxo

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  1. Christina garfield - April 1, 2010

    i love the seran wrap on the toilet. hialrious.

  2. Jenny - April 1, 2010

    The best april fools day joke is to rip your apron off in the middle of a lunch shift when a customer asks for another diet coke and declare I QUIT! and leave for the day. But then later say APRIL FOOLS!

  3. beth - April 1, 2010

    My favorite is to call your sweetie in the evening when you're expected to come home/visit and say that you've decided to spend a weekend roadtripping/camping for some alone time, starting on a whim during that very evening, cuz you're crazy like that… as you're walking up to the door of your sweetie's house.. and when they hear you outside you can say "april fool's"! and show them some flowers or a present that you brought. hooray.

  4. Anonymous - April 1, 2010

    My favorite Fool's Day stories include pregnant mommies ACTUALLY having going into labor and having issues getting to the hospital! "No, really, its time! No Foolin'!"


  5. Hillary - April 1, 2010

    When I was in high school, I tried to be a pretty good student, and I was really into doing well in school to please my Mom. On April Fool's of my senior year, I called from school saying I'd been caught cheating on a test, that I was in the principal's office, that I didn't know what was going to happen but they were talking about suspension. She immediately launched into, "Oh honey, everyone cheats a little bit sometimes, it's OK. Who do I need to talk to? I'll come in and meet with the principal and the teacher. Don't worry…!" I let her carry on a little more before spilling the beans! We still laugh about "everyone cheats a little bit sometimes…" (and I swear I'm really an ethical person)!

  6. katrina - April 2, 2010

    In Paris, you put a fish down someone's back to celebrate April Fool's. I have no idea why. I never saw anyone do it, but the candy shops all had gorgeous handmade candy fish.

  7. Margot - April 2, 2010

    I am a HS teacher (and the kids love to comment on my hosiery selections) and today when I entered my class there were no white board markers (no more chalk…) to be found. I only saw a very cryptic note on the board about these said missing markers. I walked into another classroom and, alas, the same note was on the board and no markers were in sight. Apparently, some very clever teenager removed every white board marker from each classroom in the entire school. A good prank, I would say.

  8. lydia - April 2, 2010

    I think I prefer April Fools jokes that don't involve the joke-teller telling you a lie that makes you feel really bad for them. For example, I remember in the first grade when little Timothy Smith came up and told me his dog had died, then immediately said, "April Fools!" For an instant I truly mourned for his dog. Maybe he never even had a dog. So my favorite April Fools jokes are ones that don't involve lying about someone having died!

  9. CMM - April 2, 2010

    On the dog subject: When I was a child on april fools I would perch a piece of cardboard between a slightly open door and the moulding on the wall, and put dog food on top (not cat food, too stinky) of the cardboard. When someone opened the door the food would fall right on their head. One year I did it to almost every door in the house, and my dog was happy, but my mom was not.

  10. KirstieBirstie - April 2, 2010

    At the University I'm attending someone pulled a great prank several years ago. They got a copy of the key to the bell tower and took a cat into the bell tower with them late at night and then left it there (with food and water I hope) and broke the key off in the lock. The cat started ringing the bells at 3 in the morning and they couldn't stop it for a while because of the key!

  11. Amber - April 2, 2010

    I'm really not much of a prankster but day before yesterday we got my assistant at work pretty good with a plastic roach. We hid it under her desk and when she discovered it she locked herself in my office. We found her almost in tears. We felt really bad.

  12. Melinda - April 2, 2010

    I have a hard time with April Fools as too many people tell hurtful lies. However, this year my 5 year old son wanted to get his dad, so called him and left a message that was supposed to be a joke. However, he is terrible at telling jokes, just like his mom, and messed it all up. That and he was having trouble saying "april fools" and it came out like "arul foe." He thought it was funny and his dad loved it, and that's all that matters.

  13. Hopeful Monsters - April 2, 2010

    I work at a toy store, and just yesterday a little boy came into to buy some prank supplies (fake vomit, hand buzzer, candy that tastes like fish oil, you know the drill).
    He was very polite and serious.
    Then he tried to pay us with jelly beans and giggles "Aprils Fools!"
    (Then his mom paid for the pranks, so I'm sure he went on to play lots and lots of pranks that day!)

  14. Annapurna - April 2, 2010

    I am very drawn to the butcher cut ones which I may have to purchase. They are a little ironic seeing as how I have never actually eaten meat, but I am a pretty sweet peice of, makes sense!
    No april fools ideas, that moment has passed

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