Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Part I

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Part I

I’ve been receiving a lot of Pre-Valentine’s Day requests from bloggers and trend-spotters who are pondering the best way to say ‘I love you’ on this, my holiest of holy days honoring the mysterious Saint Valentinus. I think about this holiday a lot, which is, of course, an occupational hazard. Who was St. Valentine, and how did he become synonymous with cheap chocolates and pajamagrams? The information available about his life is scant, but apparently, he was a Roman priest who was put to death for aiding Christian couples in marriage, which was illegal at the time. (Sound familiar, America? Let’s step into the 21st century and legalize gay marriage already! Christians, in particular, should be sensitive to their plight in light of this little history lesson.) Now where was I? Right! Gifts for your sweetie on V-Day, round one. The Treasured Chemise by Elle Macpherson pictured above would be a welcomed addition to any fair lady’s wardrobe, and at just $98, is a bargain for a silk nightie. Snap one up while they’re still in stock!

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  1. Chelsea - February 2, 2010

    Oh my goodness. This is so pretty!!

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