Tasteful Boudoir Photography

Tasteful Boudoir Photography


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our favorite local portrait photographer, Lisa Warninger, is offering a spectacular deal on a mini-boudoir shoot, complete with a free 8 x 10″ for Lille patrons who showcase lingerie from the shop in their pictures. You may recognize Lisa’s elegant imagery from last year’s Gatsby Shoot, or the many other gorgeous photos she takes of local designers’ wares. You’ve probably also seen her Sartorialist-esque website, Urban Weeds, which showcases Portland Street Fashion. Rebecca Westby, Lisa’s partner-in-crime, is a brilliant stylist with a fantastic eye for subtle glamour – never overdone, her styling always appears simultaneously effortless and luxe in a down-to-earth way. Likewise, Madeline Roosevelt’s make-up is natural and understated. For any lovely lady out there who has contemplated boudoir photography in the past, but has hesitated for fear of appearing a garish trollop tarted up for someone else’s viewing pleasure, I invite you to click through to see just a few elegant examples of their work. These are not your mama’s glamour shots of yesteryear with tacky feather boas and clumpy false eyelashes. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that Lisa has an uncanny ability to capture your best side and hide your flaws, all the while making you feel completely at ease. It’s a perfect opportunity for brides-to-be, ladies looking for a Valentine’s Day present for their sweetie, or anyone who just wants a few pretty pictures of themselves! Check out the details below:







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