Incoming: Malia Mills Spring ’10 Swimwear

Incoming: Malia Mills Spring ’10 Swimwear


For all you Portland ladies who missed the Malia Mills trunk show last month, fear not.  There is a huge shipment of swimwear on its way, including the much loved new style, “The Starlet” pictured above.  That’s me on the beach in Tulum, and as you can see, the suit is not only for size 2 girls.  I’ve got ample modern dancer thighs and a pear-shaped booty (like most women I know in their 30s) so I have a very hard time finding suits that flatter my figure.  I felt super-sexy in this suit, thanks to the perfectly cut bottom, intricate straps that draw attention to the back, and plunging neckline that manages to still hold the girls in despite being daringly low-cut.  It’s basic without being boring; classic but fashion-forward; sexy and demure, all at once.  We’re accepting Special Order requests now, so drop me a line if you too envision yourself as a Starlet this summer!


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  1. Chelsea - February 2, 2010

    Super lovely swimwear.

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