Down to the wire…

Gentlemen, it’s crunch time.  You have less than 48 hours until she looks under the tree for that beautifully wrapped little nugget of happiness that will leave her giddy with delight.  (And, no, contrary to what the commercials are telling you, she does NOT want a Pajamagram… one word: lame.)  Many of you have impressed me this year with your foresight and thoughtfulness – we’ve been helping people find gifts for weeks now!  But for those of you who may have been overwhelmed with work, cocktail parties, PTA meetings, or whatever other time-consuming events this jolly season has thrown on your already overcrowded plate, the time is NOW.  Fortunately for you, we are open today and tomorrow, Christmas Eve, from 11am-7pm, so that should be plenty of time for you to swing by and pick something out for her.  We take the guesswork out of gift shopping by saving her sizes and preferences on file, and we have a stockpile of easy, go-to gift options in the $50-100 range that she is sure to love.  Not to mention the free gift wrapping!  And you can always opt for the gift that keeps on giving – a Lille Boutique Gift Certificate in any denomination.  The clock is ticking….see you soon.

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