A Summer at Lille: Guest Blogger – Kayla Marie

Today is my last day as an intern at Lille Boutique, and I must say I am a bit sad. When I first started my search for fashion internships, I had no idea where to look. Not a clue. I knew I wanted to work somewhere small where I would get to throw myself in and learn all that I could about owning and operating a successful retail business.  I knew with absolute certainty that I did not want to work for a big, nationwide chain.  And I knew that I needed to find a shop with a distinct identity.  After three long months of searching, I come across Lille through this very blog. Now, I have to admit, I was a bit trepidatious at first because I knew absolutely nothing about the lingerie business. I thought to myself – Why not?  It would be a chance to explore a facet of retail that I honestly had never really thought about before.

I am truly grateful to have interned with Sarah. I can not tell you the amount of patience she had working with me. I was terribly clumsy, I couldn’t tell a boyshort from a brief and my only exposure to the world of lingerie had been at Victoria’s Secret. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn! I am now leaving Lille with a new-found respect for lingerie and the meticulous thought and production process that goes into designing these delicate pieces that women adore so much. Sarah has taught me that in anything that I may choose to pursue, I must have passion. It was so much fun to come into Lille everyday and work with a woman who was so enthusiastic about what she does everyday and that was making women feel comfortable in their own skin and promoting true beauty by making them feel gorgeous from the inside out.

I hope to see you all again soon and may you continue to live your life in lingerie!

x’s & o’s,

-Kayla Marie

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