Let’s hit the beach!

By now, many of you loyal LIL readers have had a chance to check out the Malia Mills swimwear we’ve had in stock for about a month.  The resounding cry from the dressing room has been “WOW! This is the best suit I have ever put on my body!”  Those of you who haven’t should make it a priority if you’ve ever had trouble finding swimwear that fits perfectly (which basically means everyone, unless you’re that enviably gorgeous girl in the one-piece up there.)  The good news is that we received a HUGE shipment today that includes all the styles above and more!  The maillots are sure to sell out quickly because they fit like no other one-piece, accomplishing the heretofore impossible feat of stretching both horizontally and vertically (why has no one thought of this before?!)  The bikini tops fit like the best bras in the world – think Eres, Stella McCartney and Hoff by Hoff – so whether you are woefully flat-chested, modestly sized, amply busted or extremely well-endowed, you are sure to find one that solves your problem.  The bottoms range from fabulously stylish to basic and comfortable, with the added advantage of not riding up or falling down.  While they are all indisputably pricey, I can attest to their durability and assure you that you will have them for years to come, provided you take good care of them.  The material is of the highest quality, and will not stretch out by the end of the season like all those cheap disposable suits we buy at Target or H & M, thinking “I can always use another black bikini.”  In this year of cautious consumerism, I am vowing to no longer rack up my credit card debt with $20 items that fall apart after a few wears and instead invest in perfect wardrobe staples that will survive the recession and carry me into the next decade of *hopefully* sunnier times.  These suits epitomize that sentiment.

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