Deep Orient Blue Express

Deep Orient Blue Express

The Elle MacPherson Boudoir line never ceases to transport me to an imaginary time and place, where I have no daily chores like laundry or dishes and my life is filled with sun-dappled excursions from Paris to Istanbul via the Orient Express.  I would spend entire days lounging in this gorgeous ‘Deep Orient Blue’ silk slip with French leavers lace accents, reading Edith Wharton novels and drinking Kir Royales.  I would finally have an opportunity to use my vintage green and ivory Samsonite luggage that looks so serviceable, but in reality is just totally impractical for this modern life where disgruntled baggage handlers treat your precious belongings like sacks of potatoes.  I can just imagine packing said bags for this romantic excursion with complete abandon and not leaving out my lovely silk unmentionables for fear of them being manhandled by a careless security guard during a “random” search.  I would don my favorite worsted wool skirt suit with a silk blouse and high heels, safe in the notion that I wouldn’t need to sprint from one terminal to another to make my connection.  My senses would not be assaulted by gabby tweens in flip flops and sweatpants toting pillows as if they were headed to a sleepover and not on a transcontinental journey.  Cary Grant or Gregory Peck (either one will do; I’m not picky) feature prominently in this fantasy scenario as the perfect travel companion, ever the gentleman with clever quips and elegant mannerisms.  Alas, life is not a Hitchcock film, and travel has become a nightmare fraught with pandemic flu scares, daily crashes and endless indignities (can you imagine anyone taking off their shoes in public during the golden age of travel?)  But you can still dream…

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  1. Carla - May 10, 2009

    I am so glad to hear you also have a fantasy crush on Gregory Peck! Can you get any more dreamy than his Roman Holiday?

  2. Sarah Wizemann - May 12, 2009

    Seeing that movie at a formative age drastically altered my expectations of men for the rest of my life – it's hard to live up to that level of dreaminess!

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