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Malia Mills Swimwear now in stock!

Ok, I know it seems early.  The skies are dismal and grey, and you’re still sporting scarves and thick winter tights just to keep the damp Portland air out of your bones.  But I urge you to start thinking optimistically.  Take a cheap weekend flight to LA or San Diego, or even (dare I say?) visit a tanning booth for some much needed vitamin D.  But if you’re like me, you really shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes in those things or you will burn to a crisp like my poor friend, Jessica!

Even if you don’t have a vacation planned anytime soon, you should plan ahead and pick up a new Malia Mills bathing suit before the summer arrives.  Made at their factory in New York City, they are very hard to find if you don’t live in NY state, but Lille has been chosen as one of only a handful of boutiques allowed to carry these incredible suits.  They are sure to sell out fast, and even though they seem pricey, I guarantee you will have them for years to come.  I’ve been gushing about them to anyone who would listen for the past few months, and now they’re finally here!  I am even more impressed with the quality of the construction, superior fit and adorable style than I was when I saw the samples.  Both the bikinis and one-pieces are just amazing – they don’t ride up or fall down the way most suits do, and they stretch in all the right places, offering incredible support.  The material is strong, but flexible, so you can tell it’s going to hold up and not stretch out after a few wearings.  Best of all, they fit EVERYONE!  Whether you’re a tiny Asian model or a buxom pin-up girl, there is a Malia Mills suit out there that makes the most of your assets.  Their sizing is complicated, but with good reason, and we are here to help you navigate it.  I’ll be ordering more, but quantities are limited, so let me know if you have a special request in mind!

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