Boudoir Photography by Marne Lucas

Boudoir Photography by Marne Lucas

Lately, I’ve had a lot of requests for tasteful lingerie to be worn for boudoir photo shoots.  It’s a great idea for a wedding gift to your future husband or just a nice way to immortalize your goods on film.  One of the best local photographers specializing in pin-ups is Marne Lucas of Opaline Pictures, who commutes back and forth from NYC to PDX and travels around the world for destination weddings on a routine basis.   If you’ve thought about boudoir photography in the past, but hesitated for fear of cheesy or tacky results, then I highly recommend contacting Marne, who brings her discerning eye to the delicate task at hand.  Just look how cute that photo is!  Who wouldn’t want a pic of themselves looking adorable in ruffly boyshorts?

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  1. JNC - January 15, 2009

    Peonies! My favorite! I have never heard of boudoir photos, but if I could just get that big bundle of flowers….

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