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Blogging from Bed

Blogging from Bed

There is nothing worse than being trapped in bed for days on end – whether you’re sick with the flu, laid up with a sprained ankle, or recovering from minor surgery, it’s always a drag.  Sure, the first half day of bad tv, ice cream and painkillers is kinda fun, and it’s made better if you have a sweetheart waiting on you hand and foot (thanks honey!) but inevitably, ennui sets in and all you want is to get back to the real world.  For me, that means work in some form or another, so at least blogging brings some sense of normalcy.  I thought I’d talk briefly about the type of loungewear that can make your days a little brighter when you’re bedridden.

I’m currently sporting the Araks Delfine Cami and Leland Panty in Parchment.  The loose cut of the soft cotton top allows for a full range of movement, and the pretty lace trim makes me feel like a lady, even if the rest of me looks like hell.  And the amazingly comfy Araks undies never ride up.  I’m surprised we still have either of these styles in stock when they are half off!

Another thing that makes life a little better when you’re stuck in one room is the Fig LInen Spray by Cote Bastide.  I use a light spritz or two on the sheets before getting back into bed to make the room smell like an orchard rather than a hospital.  Now my only wish is that I had the Araks Ingid Tank and Filppa Panty for tomorrow.  The ultra soft, breathable organic cotton is perfect to wear when you can’t seem to regulate your body temperature – which happens to me often under our heavy duvet.  Of course, it doesn’t help that all four of my animals (two dogs, two cats) are lying on top of me.

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