Only Hearts Slips

Only Hearts Slips

Just in time for all your holiday cocktail parties, we received several new slips from Only Hearts in a variety of practical shades. The half-slips and spaghetti-strap chemises from the Second Skins series are wildly popular among celebrity stylists for their comfort, versatility and reasonable price point ($45-75.) It’s hard to find a good, basic slip these days, and many women opt to forgo the arduous task of searching for one, convinced that the garment is archaic and superfluous. But I urge you to revisit the idea of having one or two slips in your wardrobe, if only for those random unlined vintage wool skirts or sheer summer dresses that simply demand one. And even if that silk Philip Lim number doesn’t need a slip, it could certainly benefit from one. In addition to keeping you warmer on a cold winter day, slips offer the added advantage of absorbing perspiration and body oils. Your clothing will thank you, as will your wallet when you save on trips to the dry cleaners.

We also received some slightly pricier ($125) but considerably more glamorous Silk Charmeuse Slips. My favorite is the Vintage Rose knee-length chemise, which has a very old Hollywood feel about it. This is the perfect slip to don when you’re getting ready for a party or dinner date. It’s even better when you pair it with a silk robe like the forthcoming Methods of Leisure styles that will be arriving soon! The ritual of putting on make-up and perfume feels that much more special when you are swaddled in silk (as opposed to a wife beater and sweatpants.) This is the sort of luxury I live for – not expensive designer garments, but rather the experience of giving yourself time to get ready in a lovely manner. Play some Feist, turn off your phone, light a candle and plant yourself in front of a vanity for some you-time. Happy Holidays!

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  1. The Other Frank - September 18, 2012

    Too bad all the slips offered are plain and boring. What happened to the pretty lace hemmed slips? Are woman obtuse as to how alluring it is to let on show.

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